What are the benefits of Google Paid Advertising by Creativision?

Increased traffic, new sales leads, a greater ROI…

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As one of the best PPC advertising company in Indore, Creativision strives to reach client’s goal and generate leads from right audience on a budget. Our digital marketing team works with an effective strategy to make every ad campaign effective. With our PPC advertising services in Indore, you can show your ads for specific keywords, you can show your ads in specific Google platforms and you can show your ads to selected audience.

With PPC search advertising you can reach more customers in less time by showing your ads in top of Google SERP. With search advertising your ads will come infront of those, who search for your products & services and you will pay when someone clicks your ad. With a skilled digital marketing team, Creativision provides best PPC advertising services in Indore.

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Display advertising on Google is the best way to re-target users who visited your website or made any purchase earlier, when they are active on Google. By starting a display advertising campaign your ads will be displayed to every place in Google, your targeted audience marks their presence. In this campaign, we optimize the ad placement by including content websites that can potentially attract your target audience.

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Remarketing ads which also means retargeting ads, is the best way to show your ads to users who are already your customers or had shown interest to your products & services. Remarketing advertisement on Google works at a lower cost. Our expert digital marketing team works with a different strategy for remarketing ads as the audience here is not new, they are well known of what you offer.

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Service Approach of PPC Advertising Company in Indore

Our PPC management strategy works with a result-oriented approach and is aligned with custom budget, schedule and demography. Our digital marketing experts optimize your ads for the best results by increasing the quality score of ads and making your investment effective. Here is the most effective approach used by the best PPC advertising company in Indore.

Keyword Analysis

The first step of PPC advertising campaign starts with finding out the keywords that can work best for your business and then analyze the cost you pay for each keyword and how much return you can get using that keyword.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a very important part to understand the gap between you and your competitor. Here we keep an eye on competitor’s PPC advertising strategy. By doing this we get a perfect idea of usable keywords, target audience and what can work well with your ads.

Target Audience Research

In the third step we research for an audience that has the maximum chance to get converted after watching your ads. On the basis of factors such as demographic, geographical location, device, etc. we bring out the best target audience who have the potential to click and engage with your ads.

Landing Page Analysis

In this step we analyze the landing which is going to be linked with your PPC advertisement. Here we check whether the page is perfectly optimized to convert users into customers or not. If the landing page is good to go we proceed to the fourth step.

Creating & Launching of Campaign

After doing all the analysis & research it’s time to create and launch a PPC campaign. In this fourth step we effectively optimize the ad with target keywords and custom bid. As the best PPC advertising agency in Indore we create ads that can convert users into customers.

Analytics & Reporting

After launching the ad, our final step is to analyze how the ad is performing and give you a weekly report of the ad. We integrate your website with Google Analytics to get a detailed data of how the ad is performing and how users are responding to the ad.

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What are the benefits of Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategy in digital marketing. With SEM you can display your products and services to those customers who are really searching for it.

Where our ads are going to be displayed?

In SEM, your ads will be displayed on search results, websites where your target audience is present, Google partner platforms, applications, etc. With Google PPC Advertising your target audience will see your ad on whichever online platform they visit.

How I see ads from same brand everywhere I visit on Google?

This happens when you are present in the retargeting audience of that brand. Brands usually show retargeting ads to those who visited there website or have shown interest to their brand or product.